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ICM VACATIONS - Renting a Timeshare

Renting Out Your Timeshare Week

Even when you own a timeshare, you might not always be able to go on vacation. Don't let your timeshare go to waste. Rent out your week to make some extra money and help make someone else's dream vacation come true.

People are always looking for a good deal on a vacation, and a timeshare can save them hundreds of dollars or more compared to a hotel. All you have to do is to let people know that you have timeshare property available for rent.

ICM Vacations provides a large platform to advertise and facilitate the rental of your timeshare. We offer the ability for users to find your property, and we will directly market the timeshare you wish to rent out to those who are already interested in purchasing a timeshare.

Because resorts vary on their timeshare rental policies, make sure to check with your resort to learn their specific rules and regulations.

Contact us today, and we'll market your property to help you find a renter.

So what are the benefits of renting a timeshare resale property?

If you are the average family that goes on vacation, then you might spend $500 a night to visit a place like Orlando, if you stay in a hotel. The price would be $2500 to stay in a mediocre hotel with a room for you and a room for your family. If you decide to rent a timeshare property, the weekly price will be around $1500 or less for a 5-star resort. You will gain all amenities that each owner maintains and all the perks such as discounts to attractions, social events, and transportation to and from area locations.

Renting a Week from a Timeshare Owner

Renting a timeshare can be a great way to save money for a luxurious vacation. Often, timeshare owners are not able to use the time available to them associated with their timeshare. To save money, they can allow someone else to use the time they cannot. That means you can enjoy the same benefits that come with timeshares without being forced to purchase.

It’s a Win-Win Situation

• Get access to luxurious rooms, services, and amenities, all while spending less than what you would on a hotel. Timeshare rentals usually go for a substantially lower price than what you would pay staying at a hotel.
• Experience more benefits. Timeshares usually provide more room and more amenities than a hotel. Most timeshares have kitchens and extra rooms, providing more comfort and allowing you to bring more people.
• Avoid being locked into ownership. You can enjoy your vacation and walk away without any ownership obligations.

Contact us today, and we will help you find the perfect timeshare to rent.