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ICM-Vacations.com, is a global leader in connecting timeshare buyers, sellers, and renters! We are a marketing company specializing in time-share resales and rentals. Our expert staff intimately understands the needs of both the buyer and the seller and is dedicated to assisting you in selling or renting your time-share as fast as possible. When you are ready to sell or rent a time-share, advertise it with ICM Vacations. Check out our testimonials page for all the great ICM Vacations reviews and testimonials.

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No Commissions

A timeshare broker's fees can range from 15-40%, which makes it nearly impossible for the seller to receive even close to what was paid for the timeshare. Whether it is the buyer or the seller, when a commission is paid someone comes out a loser. ICMG eliminates the bogus fee along with the nuisance of dealing with a broker. This allows the seller to receive the maximum amount for the time-share sales and time-share rentals. For the buyer and the seller NO COMMISSIONS means MONEY SAVED.

No Appraisal Fees

Many timeshare resellers and brokers unethically insist on the buyer paying upfront for appraisals or a comparative market analysis (CMA). You simply don't need an appraisal or CMA to sell a timeshare. Your timeshare property was not appraised when you purchased it and does not need to be appraised to sell it now. The bottom line is to sell on the time-share resale market you need to beat the resort sales price!

No Hidden Fees

With commissions, appraisals, & CMA's eliminated, the only expense to the buyer, aside from the Purchase price, is the closing cost. The only out of pocket expense for the seller is the one time advertising fee.

At ICM Vacations we make no false claims or unrealistic guarantees. We do not employ out of work celebrities, or deceive our prospective clients with phony statistics. We simply provide our sellers with maximum exposure to the global marketplace and our buyers with astonishing customer service. This is how we've managed to become the premier destination worldwide for people who want to buy and sell timeshare. If you want results, ICM Vacations is the best choice.