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     Kimberly is nothing short of the consummate professional.  I had rentals and my timeshare just sold via ICM this past month.  Wyndham has the paperwork for final transfer of title.  I just wanted you to know that it truly is people like Ms. Worthington that separates ICM from the rest of the ‘timeshare cesspool’.  Please forgive my choice of words but after being ripped off by either scams or companies that are in the business of getting recruits, NOT transactions my feelings towards this profession was rock bottom.  Simply stated, after not only my SUCESSFUL RESULTS using ICM but also the professionalism, genuine care for me and my family, and incredible work ethic… you need to know that it is the people that make the difference in this business.  And your employee, Kimberly Worthington, has enabled me to pay the final tuition bill for my son’s final year in college.  Kimberly has made the years of anguish so worth the wait and I am forever grateful. 

   I thank you sir for listening to me and I am so proud & grateful of Kimberly for what she has done for me and my family… you really have no idea.  I will be honored to assist in sending prospective clients through the best timeshare company in the world and, without a doubt, the best representative of your company, Ms. Kimberly Worthington.  She truly is ‘my angel in PA.’

Roddy Rodriguez

Consulting Engineer

Mechanical Technology

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems


  I would like to take this opportunity to commend Kim Worthington, for the outstanding job she did for me.  I was very new and green to the process of matching rental to renter yet she took me under her wing and went beyond the call to help me achieve my goal.  Her professionalism and wonderfully kind spirit was endearing and made the process painless.  It is rare to find an employee who takes her work so seriously and carries unmatched loyalty. 

  She truly believes in your company and what it can offer customers.  It would be so easy to slough off a call in request, yet the person I experienced took me under her wing and treated me like I was her own child.  It was simply amazing. 

  Hopefully you will find this informative but I also wish you would take this opportunity to give her lots of praise and thanksgiving.


Susan McCloud  -  Bowling Green, KY


I just want to take the moment to thank and appreciate everything you have done for me and my family to our trip to Myrtle Beach. You are tremendously great at what you do!! You helped me stay stress free and I can't thank you enough. Our trip was amazing and you were definitely a part of it. I am definitely looking forward to staying in contact with you for future vacations. Again, thank you so much!!

C. Hurley & family - :)  

 Kimberley, did a great job in renting the timeshare units for me. She worked tirelessly and put in extra time,   out of her regular office hours, to make things happen. She is very conscientious. I appreciate her efforts in trying to all she can to satisfy the needs of your clients. I have yet to come across an employee who works so hard and gives of herself totally to her job. She should get a medal for “Employee of the Year!” Congratulations!  Kimberly!

Thanks so much,

- Frances D.  - Washington State


   I am writing on behalf of Kimberly Worthington and ICM.  Twenty years ago I purchased from Fairfield (now Wyndham)  and used my vacation timeshare for 3-4 years early on.  However, soon I had trouble using it and I then had interest in renting or selling my timeshare.  Unfortunately, that is when I became a victim of a long and painful list of companies who, for the most part, pretended to act as a real businesses and pretty much scammed me.  Moreover, as I became more  disheartened and quite frankly more desperate,  I simply encountered one disappointment after another.  I was called by Kimberly Worthington of  ICM.  Given my history, she had virtually no chance of convincing me that she,  and her company, were a professional and reputable company whose business is to serve the rental/buying market around the world.  I’ve heard it before and I wasn’t buying it… but, admittedly, she really was different.  There was something genuine about her  and I could tell that she was a trustworthy person.  Of course, I said no because there was just no way I was going to fall into another trap…the only thing bothering me was that I knew this person was a sincere,  hard-working, and persistent.  Believe you me, these are necessary qualities when dealing with a successful professional. 

But what about ICM - I researched the company and  I found strong praise and a very strong track record. Then Kimberly called me again and she had her sister on the phone - what grabbed me was that this was during the weekend and it was for the sole purpose to convince me that she would put me first as her client. After fighting myself I finally relinquished and invested in ICM and, most importantly, Kimberly Worthington as  my personal professional timeshare representative.  After two decades of misery and absolute failure, I have had more rentals and more near sales than the combined seven companies prior.  This may sound crazy but I actually enjoy doing business with ICM and Kimberly Worthington and I would STRONGLY encourage anyone, anybody who has been victimized to call her and realize that there are  indeed professional companies and caring people who will GET RESULTS. ICM is the company and Kimberly Worthington is a superb professional that gets the job done.  In spite of my past with timeshare companies,  ICM & Kimberly have made the journey worth it…

  I promise you it will be your best decision!                                       - Roddy R. - Maryland


 Hi,  Steve;
 I want to thank you for the recent rental of my timeshare in Orlando, Fl. I was skeptical when first approached about listing with you. There are so many scams concerning timeshare rental sales and rentals. They all want money up front. You guys are different. I have had several referrals for rentals from you and am very pleased. Thanks for your help.
  - Kermit R. ,  Alabama


Farrah Miller and Steve Rodgers - ICMG
     Just wanted to drop you and Steve a note to tell you what a wonderful job you did in two vacation destinations booked for me.  The first to Pompano Beach, Florida in January and the second to Oahu Hawaii in December .  I have a time share and can't even get our own people to talk to me.  I have two weeks with VRI*ety and I have been nine months trying to get them to book my destinations.  First, I was told I was too early, then they couldn't find anything.  Now in the mail I receive a letter saying if I don't use my week by December  I will lose my week.  However I could write them a check for $109 and they would be able to help me by extending my week for one more year.  They must think I'm stupid.  All that will happen is they will remain inept and bill me for another  extension next year.  You on the other hand took the time to call me to say you were sorry you were bothering me so much.  Trust me Farrah, you are exactly the type of individual people need when attempting to schedule a vacation.  Never apologize for doing your job so well and with so much caring for the people you are working with.  They will love to hear from you as often as it takes to get their vacation accomplished.  When I couldn't get in contact with you Steve was right their to co-ordinate a rapid connection in scheduling our vacations.  I wish I had known about your company before I purchased a time share.  Keep up the excellent work and I will always contact you when looking to go somewhere.  I would recommend you to everyone.  Thank you both for caring about our happiness.  
David Jansen  



  “When I could not use a week from my timeshare, I contacted ICMG.  I did not want the week to be lost.  I found the ICMG staff to be very friendly and accommodating.  After several attempts to connect me with a possible renter, I found the right person to use my week.  ICMG was the middle man throughout the process.  When asked if I would use their services again, I would say “yes.”

 - L Aronson, North Dakota


Dear Steve,

     I just want you to know how much I appreciate all you and your team have done to rent my time-shares for me.  You have brought three clients to me in a very short time.  That is unusual in this market.  Over the last year or so I signed up with other companies, charging a lot more than ICMG and they have done nothing.  Thank you.  I look forward to continued success.  You are the best!

Rosemary Stokes

   It has been good working with Steve at ICM over the last 6 months.  He has brought me many verified leads every week that have provided me with 2 resort rentals and 2 Hilton rentals to date as well as a number of ongoing searches to help match up renters with resorts in locations they want to go for specific travel dates.  The rentals have helped me use points I might have lost and generated some useful income.  Steve is very dependable and reliable in his work answering the phone and returning calls that has ensured good follow through leads in completing rentals.
   I look forward to continuing to work with Steve to get more points rentals and my bonus week rented in the future.
Kirk Platt

    My daughter and son in law are staying at the Wyndam Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando right now. I just talked to them on the phone, and they are so happy with that resort. I'm wondering if you could contact me and give us a deal like you gave them? Thanks.

   -  Shirley J.


   This email is to thank Tish Clifton in the Buyers Department for all the help in renting our property at Westgate Vacation Villas.  Her constant communication between us and Susan Tatartiuc who rented our property was instrumental in making the deal go through.

Thanks again,  Ken & Mary Grady


  I would like to thank you, Tish for helping me out with the place in Florida. It was wondeful. I would love to deal with your company again in the future. you were so kind and friendly helping me with everything. It was so close to everything just like you said, please keep me posted with vacation places in Florida. I would love to go back the same time next year. If you can find me something now that would be awesome.

                                                                                                                   -  Charles Rutledge 

    Tish,   Thanks for your help in booking the vacation villa for my granddaughter's first visit to Disney.  She had a great time and your help on short notice made it possible.  

                                                                                        Thanks again,  - Ron Sanford

      Good morning ICM; This memo is being forwarded to express my appreciation for the diligent and timely rental of my Las Vegas Timeshare. In April , I contracted ICM to either sell or rent my timeshare property. With-in 60 days ICM had made the connection…a potential that had shown an interest. The transaction was completed, just as was represented by ICM. So I secured my location for the designated timeframe and the client agreed to terms I set forth, secured the rental financially. In closing the process flowed flawlessly as represented by ICM. I have a very positive outlook that ICM will identify a willing and able prospect for my 2br/2b Las Vegas “Desert Club” vacation property. With so many agents bidding for timeshare properties…it certainly is reassuring to had identified and created a win/win partnership with ICM.

Yours truly,

Ronald D Coleman
Atlanta, GA

Oteri O.


... My husband wanted to sign up with ICM, I was skeptical, as it turns out; ICM got a rental for us in less than two weeks! Fast work, I was wrong, thank you again, ICM.

                                                                                                                             - JJ Ohio


 Dear Harold, 

I wanted to let you know that I am putting the money order in today's mailfor $650.00 for July 26th-31st (leaving on the 31st) for the Manhattan Club.Thank you so much.  And also for the information on www.theatermania.com   By the way, is there a pool at the Manhattan Club? 

Thank you, 

Wilma Schneider


ICM had provided us with the opportunity to rent our timeshare and has done it with speed and professionalism. I have tried other companies and have not had the results that ICM has provided. We look forward to doing business with you again.


Tom Morgan

          I would like to thank, Tish for the great job she did in getting our timeshare rented. She did this in record time, kept me informed, and was very pleasant at all times. It was a pleasure working with her.  Thanks, Tish for a job well done.

                                                                                          - Carol Johnston


Attention: Mr. Patrick Dunn - ICM


  Dear Sir: This is a THANK YOU  for helping me collect two refunds on mistakes, I made in keep sending money to different people with a very well know timeshare company. Each one saying they were the ones sure to sell this Summer Bay Resorts property I bought while in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You told me you would call them and shake them up a little bit. You said if I would call them and tell them to cancel the most recent money I sent that they would do so. Well, that charge never appeared earlier monies I had sent them-they said of it was to long ago and they had spent a lot of work on this; however, they returned the $898, charges to my account on May 18th. I believe you will se1l this property if it is possible, because you have already shown how effective you can be. Thanks again,                 

Mildred Grubb


 To: Tish Clifton at ICM 

Dear Friend,

  I like to consider you my friend because you were so helpful in renting my Westgate
Town Center condo in Orlando, FL. You seem to go out of your way to ensure me the help that I
needed in finding a renter for my condo. The time it took, from me listing with you until
you finding me someone, was only a few months. Very quick if you ask me. I would recommend
ICM to anyone who is interested in renting or selling their timeshare. ICM has raised the
bar in timeshare rentals, everyone else is just trying to keep up.


Chris Frazier - Pineville, KY  


 We contracted with ICM to sell or lease our Puerto Rico villa in late January 2010. By mid March we had a couple of interested parties for an April lease. Arrangements were made to book the villa and all transactions were handled smoothly and quickly and a couple hopefully enjoyed the villa enough to consider purchasing it or returning next year. ICM kept in contact with us during the whole process. We are happy that we went with ICM.

                                                                                                                   - Mary S.

      ICM was very polite and professional in renting out my timeshare in a timely fashion.    They accomplishment what they told me they would do in renting out my timeshare.                                                                                           ,
                                                                                            Thanks,  ICM      - Chad T.


 Dear Sirs,
      Just wanted to pass our thanks and appreciation on for the wonderful job Tish Clifton did in finding a vacation rental for us at a price we were very happy with.  She was very professional, she updated us on a regular basis and always emailed us as soon as our checks had arrived.  We will be keeping her name and email address with ICM and will be contacting her again for her help.  I have also told our friends how happy we were with our service, location and price.  I know I will be sharing her talents with our friends as well.
                                                                                            - Bernadette Zasada


    Please accept this e-mail to let you know what wonderful service I had dealing with Tish Clifton. She was able to find me exactly what I needed in time share rentals at Westgate Vacation Villas (our son will be married there in March). Tish was always patient waiting for me to give her calls back or send an e-mail back. Tish was also very polite and professional at all times. Anytime Tish said she was going to complete something, it was always done in a timely manner. My life is extra busy (day, night and weekends) so I really appreciate all the assistance Tish has given me.

                                                                                                             Thanks,  Susan Tatarciuc  - Canada


        I would like to take just a moment and commend you and ICM on successfully renting out my timeshare

in Orlando.  ICM is the third timeshare marketing company I have been affiliated with and I can with 100% certainty that  ICM is the best !!! you and your company have provided me with excellent service and first class professionalism.  I am extremely satisfied with the service you have provided me and look forward to more of that customer service in the future.  I would strongly encourage anyone who is trying to rent or sell their timeshare to contact the fine folks at ICM!  Thanks again for everything and I look forward working with you

in the future.


                                                                                                               Steven M. Stein


   My name is Miroslav Spassov. I really enjoy working with ICM and especially Ryan Taylor. He is very friendly and helpful with all my inquiries and concerns regarding renting and selling my timeshare. He always responds to my needs and returns my calls in time. He put allot of effort in helping me with the last renting offer in Las Vegas and I am using this letter to Thank him and really appreciate him. I hope I will receive more offers and I am glad and happy with working with Rayan from ICM.


                                                                                                            Miroslav Spassov -  California

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