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ICM VACATIONS - Selling My Timeshare

ICM Vacations Knows How to Sell Your Timeshare

• Direct Marketing to thousands of current Timeshare Owners and Tour No Buyers
• Free marketing analysis
• No monthly fees!
• No renewal fees!

Let Experts Handle the Sale of Your Timeshare

Our staff has developed wide experience in the timeshare industry. They know the market and know the most effective means to find a buyer. Selling your own can be time-consuming, costly, and chances are you won’t sell for everything it’s worth. The dedicated staff at ICM Marketing Group already has the experience, knowledge, and contacts that will ensure you maximize on the sale of your timeshare. Rest assured knowing we will do everything to help you sell your timeshare as quickly as possible for maximum value.

ICM Vacations will Directly Market Your Timeshare to the Most Likely Buyers

Our direct marketing approach sets us apart from other timeshare resale companies. Many resale companies just list your property online and forget about it. We don't. We know that most people don't just decide to go online and look for a timeshare. They usually purchase them on impulse when they are offered a great deal. That is why we market directly over the telephone to potential buyers who are already interested.

We offer your timeshare to current timeshare owners and to those who have already contacted us about purchasing a timeshare. Because they already have experience and interest in the industry, they are the most likely to purchase your timeshare.

We'll Keep Advertising for You Until You Accept an Offer

You can wait until you receive an offer you are happy with. Once an offer is made on your property, we contact you with the offer. At this point you can either accept, counter offer, or decline. If you decline than we will continue to market your property until you do accept an offer.

We also set help you find a title company who will take care of legalities and technical process of the sale. All you have to is accept the offer! Plus, if you do sell your property by yourself or through another company within 20% of our contracted price, we will give you a full refund.

Your Timeshare Will Attract Buyers

We offer your timeshare at a discount. As long as you are willing to sell your timeshare for less than the price the resorts are asking, someone will always be interested.

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